Journey or Destination?

Wouldn’t trying account for anything at all?. Effort without result is as good as nothing. It only remains as an act of self satisfaction but not an achievement.

What the Luck!🤞🏼

Luck and Life are but a possibility,a probability ~ subject to chance. Random events. True to onlythe reality they happened.Leaving their options opento all the others.

Beauty of being Human

How beautiful is that
To feel the emotions
For our own and for others.
Like we’ve known them for ages,
Like we can understand them in-n-out
Like we’ve been them
At some point…


... willingness to step out of our head and make space for the other. It is being flexible and taking the side we’ve been reluctant to. ...pamper ourselves and others with the benefit of doubt.

Our Society -summed up!

Excited as I followed,
not late enough realized the pantry
carried everything except … Stunned, I panicked!
Without second thoughts, just picked whatever I could get my hands on and ran.

A Red tree amidst the Black forest

...And you find yourself getting absorbed by the black forest, know that you are not alone. Given the choice and resources, lets not just sway between being an optimist or pessimist, but choose the realist path.


Do you see it now? The eyes ... my eyes They tell tales when no one notices, when words go numb and my body goes cold, please look straight into them And they tell how much

Setting free

Though I cannot take your pain away, I can touch your grief and set you free. Trust that and take my hand, We will run away and never look back!

Tussle of the classes

Their cups, with broken handles and chipped edges..
the quality - damaged or otherwise, till they are shattered and cannot hold anymore
Classes struggle and strangle to make an imprint., to mean something, to demand their existence


The air was bleak And we waited for someone To say its all good in the mystery ward that we were not allowed

Looking through the Mesh

Even with hindsight
To understand something so simple
And squander for the arcane...
Invisible power
that rules...
And are better off feeling puny and
bowing to the unknown?
Does that make us feel
protected and limited?

Love or Compatibility?

What defines a successful relationship? Love or compatibility? For a very long time, I always bolstered compatibility to be the predominant key for a relationship. But as aged and looking around, I realized I might have purported the wrong theory all these days myself. Well, the theory I hold up today might not be true... Continue Reading →

Love is…

Love is in the vulnerability, It is in losing everything And yet holding on... Love is in the distance, When it is reachable But still can't have it... Love is that last drop You just wiped off your eyes And managed to smile... Love is in the wait, Where you turn around To get one... Continue Reading →

The lost time and age

The other day I was watching a movie which revolved around teenage budding love who part their ways and meet after 22 years in a school reunion. The movie, for one, so delicately crafted and executed that shook my nerves and took me over a week to get out of the nostalgia., distressed and poignant,... Continue Reading →

What are we made of?

When God created earth, he started with microorganisms, and then came plants. Bored at what they were doing, he made animals. They put a good show for a while, till it became the same charade again seeing each other kill. Wanting something different, he put his creativity to work, yet again; more amusement, perhaps. The... Continue Reading →

Inside ‘I

Age 191 AM! She opened her eyes with a jerk staring into the dark. It took a moment for Priya to realize she overslept by a couple minutes. She was supposed to be at the sofa with the phone, ready to call Ajay. 'Must he be waiting or did he doze off too?' she thought... Continue Reading →

What if?

Uncertainty is full of hope that certainty kills. If hope is a good thing, why not live an uncertain life?

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